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Thank You Psychic Medium Donna Young

Thank You for your Feed Back! 

Please let Donna know below how much you enjoyed your experience!

Hope to see you again soon 💖

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  • Morgan From Grenfell SHOW on

    Thank you

  • Linda - NZ on

    I would just like to say thank you
    2 years ago I had a reading from you and you told me my daughter would have twins.. a boy and a girl
    you told me she would have Pre-eclampsia and will have to have the babies early.. you told me the boy would need a little operation on his heart but he would be ok.. Well all of this happened
    Every single thing you said WOW
    And thank you so much.. it was touch and go with our little boy but we never forgot you told us he would be ok.. you were right with everything so we knew he would be ok..
    you have no idea how much peace you give people

  • Michelle Hughes from Spirit Club on

    Donna is an incredibly accurate medium who creates a safe place for others to learn. Not only is Donna a great teacher but she believes in you even when you begin to doubt. Donna is always helping others to reach their goals and succeed. Thank you Donna for all you do for us 🙏🌻💛

  • Myriam Hidber Dickinson - MISS Flute on

    Dear Donna, today I experienced the first reading in my life. For a short time, I was through you transferred to a new dimension. Thank you for half an hour which inspired me and will lead me confidently further on my path of life. With many greetings from Switzerland. Myriam

  • Abbi Church on

    I was blown away by my reading with Donna. By far one of the best readings I have ever had. I am still so shocked at the accuracy of the information she was able to give me. She was very friendly and kind, and made the experience feel very comfortable. Thankyou so much Donna for providing me so much clarity and connection to my loved ones. Highly recommend!!

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