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Voice of Connection by Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection

15th February 2021

“You only get answers if you ask questions. It’s the same as life.”

What do you feel when you read that simple statement? Anything? A reminder, maybe? Confirmation? Curiosity?

These two sentences stopped me in my tracks. I felt my energy pulsate. It was like they were speaking to my soul, coming at me like a bulldozer, bellows to the fire, the effects of a gale force wind to my being.

Such simple, quiet, unassuming words with such a resounding message.

You only get answers if you ask questions.

Why is that so resounding??

Well, think about it. As a nation, as a global community, we actually don’t ask questions. Such simple words, such a subtle meaning, but resounding in its vibrational essence. It would be easy to miss the point. Inquiry is a high-vibrational gift. Discernment of your inquiries is also a high-vibrational gift.

We don’t ask questions. If we asked questions, we wouldn’t be in the national and global pickle that we’re in now.

If we asked questions, we’d find information. We’d find our own information and we’d then be able to choose – and discern – what, out of that information, resonated with our inner truth. We’d be able to choose what information we ‘took on’, and by doing so we’d be empowered. We’d have infinitely more knowledge than we do now by not asking questions, and by believing all we are told. We’d become our own authorities, our own leaders, our very own guides. And guess what? That’s exactly what the low-vibe bureaucratic, corrupt, threatening, fear-delivering system that we live in doesn’t want. That’s exactly what the system that we live in fears most. That we take back responsibility for ourselves.

If we asked questions, we’d become more curious and, as I said in my book, curiosity most certainly did not kill the cat. Curiosity empowered that cat, informed that cat, gave the cat knowledge, buoyed the cat, allowed the cat to make its own choices, its own decisions, use its own freewill, form its own beliefs and opinions, and wake up from limitation, constriction, conformity and the clutches of external control. 

Curiosity did NOT kill the cat.

Asking questions frees us. I’d recommend everybody try it. Ask questions about everything in your day. Pretend you’re a toddler again, asking ‘why’, ‘why’, ‘but why’, and this time answer your own questions. Take the time to inform yourself of, to find, the answers to your questions. And if you can’t find the answers, find people who might be able to guide you to your answers. Ask questions, ask people, ask yourself. Open up your world, open up your mind, open up your eyes and most of all open up your heart. Our hearts are being crushed right now, compressed and becoming devoid of the simple act of love that keeps us alive and feeds our vitality. By not asking questions, we’re choosing to allow external control to literally suck the life force out of us.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Ask questions. And I have the beautiful, compassionate soul of pyschic medium Donna Young to thank for inspiring this week’s ‘voice’. Donna uses these words, such an understatement, in her book Spirit Club, which she is currently writing and which I am honoured to be editing for her.

You only get answers if you ask questions.

If you choose not to ask questions, you’re choosing to allow others to control what you know and basically, therefore, your existence. If you choose to ask, inquire, investigate, wonder, open your mind and open your mouth and ask questions, you will find that you live in a very different world to the one you think you live in or choose to live in. And whether or not you want to know what kind of world that is, the simple fact is that by choosing to find out, you are empowering yourself. You are freeing yourself.

You are claiming back your personal responsibility and choosing to rise.

You can find opportunities to connect within and without at. http://www.lesleymacculloch.com


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