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Who is Medium DONNA YOUNG? – Born in Cootamundra Donna is a Medium who has been Channelling since a child. Having an extraordinarily strong connection with her guide from the age of 4 her knowledge was enhanced through a near death experience.

At the age of 16 Donna was diagnosed with last stages of cancer and a cerebral thrombosis.

Donna visited the other side on several occasions where she would learn about Past Lives, and the Process of life - her family were advised to say their goodbyes. Through Donna’s connect with spirit and guidance from the other side she awoke to a full recovery.

Due to the illness Donna was advise she could never have children. She now enjoys every day with her beautiful 3 children.

Donna was a part of the PTV Australia Team and the first Medium to be invited to attend the Global Health Conference with the request for regular return visits each year. Donna is highly recommended in Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand for her detail and accuracy in all areas of spirituality ranging from one-on-one reading to teaching & platforming just to name a few.


READINGS - Prices Everyone Can Afford

All readings are detailed, accurate and with a no-nonsense approach giving messages of Love and guidance for the Past, Present and Future. She brings love and hope with an incredibly unique approach. In your reading Donna covers all areas - Love, Career, Health, Relationships & money all by making contact with your loved ones on the other side.

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Weekly Spirit Club on Zoom - Mondays 7.30pm EST

Find your Amazing, Assistance in every area of Spirituality, Channelled Meditations, Interviews, Monthly Zodiac Readings, Businesses Donna Recommends & Advertises, News, Guest Talkers and Much More.. 



Face to Face Readings 






Zoom or Phone - 30 minutes $80 plus Bank Fees            

REGULAR SPECIALS - Perfect for a touch up on your last reading or to see if Donna's Readings are for you.


SPIRIT CLUB & SPIRIT CLUB BOOT CAMPS - Spirit Club was formed by Donna Young to build spiritual understanding and friendships all over the world – all classes are channelled by Donna with her strong team of guides. Classes are Face to Face or Via Zoom.

In Donna’s class you will learn how to step aside from your Ego and focus on all areas of the Spiritual World. Find and master your own gift with confidence and guidance from the other side.

You will understand and appreciate the importance of personal responsibility and delivering clear positive messages. Learn how to use Tools while working with spirit - Enhance your understanding of Trust, Control and Love.

With Donna’s classes & Retreats she covers Trance Mediumship, Channelling, Past Lives, Cards and other tools. Missing Persons, Meditation, Healing, understanding your energy, working with light, Public Speaking, working with Confidence and business/advertising assistance.


Enjoy reading this fun filled Spiritual adventure set in Australia. 

Originally written for Donna’s children in 2013 as Frazer Glazia this novel covers all areas of Australia’s hidden secrets.

Join 3 little fairies in this naughty and light hearted  adventure with some most loved Australian animals.

Learn many myths and legends with a magical touch to spirituality through this mystical fairytale of, fairies and guides with magical powers. 



2020 Spirit Club Channelling Cards were released with the first three orders being SOLD OUT in days.



Spirit Club - Mediumship Uncovered 

Released on 14th October 2021.

Spirit Club 

Mediumship Uncovered 

Spirit Club was created by medium, Donna Young, and her team of spirit guides to help mediums all over the world to embrace their gifts, develop new avenues for sharing their gifts, and ultimately reach their full potential.
Donna explains the importance of both learning and teaching directly from spirit, and what it means to open the doors to the love, compassion and acceptance of the other side. She shares what life has been like for her as she’s spent her whole life working closely with a team of guides in a way that most people still view with disbelief. Donna eliminates any fear in the reader as she explains spirituality in a way that everyone can understand.
Join this gifted and authentic Australian medium as she channels the highest realms to uncover the truths behind many centuries-old myths. Donna explains energy, ghosts and so much more about the other side as she knows it, sees it and experiences it.
Become a member of Spirit Club for the day, and find your own inner amazing! Open the door to past lives, near death, and how you can communicate with spirit. Learn directly from spirit through implicit trust. Make new friends who support and encourage your uniqueness. And know that you have so much potential, and so much to contribute to the world.
You are very welcome here.



In this heart felt novel, let Medium Donna Young assist you to find a new connection with your child through the great unknown.

Spirituality it is often said to be

A Gift…. A Miracle…. And A Burden…

Though as a child it can be quite scary and confusing if you see spirit, feel energy, remember past lives and have visitors from many different realms.       

It can also be quite scary as a parent when you child expresses love and chatters away happily to people who are nowhere to be seen.

And even more scary seeing fear in a child who is afraid of the dark, who sees things you can’t.

 Having anxiety from energies they don’t understand.

Does your child have night tremors where they wake screaming?

Recognize places they couldn’t possibly know, or speak of historic past events in graphic detail, with names, and places you can search on the web to only realize your 5-year-old story matches another’s life who has long passed.

It can be quite daunting as a parent listening to your child communicate in detail and love of their past mother, father, or family.

Where do some bad behaviours and learning problems come from?

Let Donna explain many learning problems associated with Spiritual children.

Understand the obstacles as she goes into depth of her own struggle and frustration of being unable to read or even learn the basics until she was in her teens.

Find out some hidden secrets many people are yet to understand.

Children are born innocent and pure cleansed from the other side with many past life traits and memories until the age of seven and even beyond.

Many disabled children are spiritual with understandings of the universe we cannot even begin to comprehend.

Open your mind and join a journey of innocent fun and understanding.

Let Donna guide you and your child into a world of knowledge as she invites you into her own childhood stories and experiences, full of confusion and turmoil to eventually peace and acceptance.

She will assist you to understand your spiritual child to lead them into a healthy, supportive, excepting, and successful life path.

Is your child misunderstood because what they are going through is not understood?

Are they afraid of things in the dark you can’t see, or are they talking to people who don’t exist?

With love and understanding brings peace and with acceptance and support opens the door to extraordinary children.