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DONNA YOUNG – Born in Cootamundra Donna is a Spiritual Medium who has been Channelling since a child. Having an extraordinarily strong connection with her guide from the age of 4 her knowledge was enhanced through a near death experience.

At the age of 16 Donna was diagnosed with last stages of cancer and a cerebral thrombosis.

Donna visited the other side on several occasions where she would learn about Past Lives, and the Process of life - her family were advised to say their goodbyes. Through Donna’s connect with spirit and guidance from the other side she awoke to a full recovery.

Due to the illness Donna was advise she could never have children. She now enjoys every day with her beautiful 3 children.

Donna was a part of the PTV Australia Team and the first Medium to be invited to attend the Global Health Conference with the request for regular return visits each year. Donna is highly recommended in Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand for her detail and accuracy in all areas of spirituality ranging from one on one reading to teaching & platforming just to name a few.

READINGS - All readings are detailed, accurate and with a no-nonsense approach giving messages of Love and guidance for the Past, Present and Future. She brings love and hope with an incredibly unique approach. In your reading Donna covers all areas - Love, Career, Health, Relationships & money all by making contact with your loved ones on the other side.

Donna specialises in missing persons - becoming well known 10 years ago after finding a missing person alive with her detailed information.