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Spirit Club. (Paper Back)


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Spirit Club 

Mediumship Uncovered 

Spirit Club was created by psychic medium, Donna Young, and her team of spirit guides to help mediums all over the world to embrace their gifts, develop new avenues for sharing their gifts, and ultimately reach their full potential.
Donna explains the importance of both learning and teaching directly from spirit, and what it means to open the doors to the love, compassion and acceptance of the other side. She shares what life has been like for her as she’s spent her whole life working closely with a team of guides in a way that most people still view with disbelief. Donna eliminates any fear in the reader as she explains spirituality in a way that everyone can understand.
Join this gifted and authentic Australian medium as she channels the highest realms to uncover the truths behind many centuries-old myths. Donna explains energy, ghosts and so much more about the other side as she knows it, sees it and experiences it.
Become a member of Spirit Club for the day, and find your own inner amazing! Open the door to past lives, near death, and how you can communicate with spirit. Learn directly from spirit through implicit trust. Make new friends who support and encourage your uniqueness. And know that you have so much potential, and so much to contribute to the world.
You are very welcome here.

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